Sparky Bikes
New Mexico's OSET Experts

Why Sparky Bikes?

Sparky Bikes was built out of a passion for these great little bikes. After switching my daughter from a PW50 I have personally seen the advantages that OSET brings to the table. My daughter loves them so much that she has decided she never wants to switch to gas. She convinced me to keep building her bigger electric bikes as she grows.
While OSETs grew from the moto-trials community they are too much of an evolution for all dirt bikes to leave them just to the trials guys. So we started Sparky Bikes with the mission of bringing the best technology for kid's bikes to the rest of the dirt bike crowd. While we would love to get you and your kid out to a trials, the OSET is perfect for all kinds of riding from starting new riders to practicing in your yard. With 4 models they have sizes to cover any pre-teen. I now have 6 years of experience with these bikes from setup, to the rare repair, all the way up to designing and building my own electric bike (Sparky). Building my own bike really helped me to understand the thought and quality that goes into the OSETs, but also makes me the perfect local person to support them. Shoot me an email and I can help you pick the right model and set it up perfect for your future star.
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