Sparky Bikes
New Mexico's OSET Experts


Traditional kid's bikes have some shortcomings that OSET handles in a superb way.
For first time riders:
1. Normal bikes are way too heavy. Some 50cc bikes are over 100 pounds. That doesn't sound bad until you consider your kid's weight. It is like you trying to ride a 400 pound dirt bike! By using lightweight parts from the mountain bike industry and eleminating all the support systems required for an engine OSET gets the weight way down.
2. Normal bikes are too big for small kids. OSETs use bicycle tires to make REALLY small bikes. The 12.5 uses tires the same size as your average jogging baby stroller to allow most 2 year-olds to touch the ground.
3. The noise of a gas bike can really put off smaller kids (not to mention your neighbors). OSETs are virtually silent.
4. Gas engines are very difficult to govern the power down. Have you ever tried to detune a PW50 to keep your new rider from going too fast? The combination of the automatic transmission and the tiny carberator mean that you either get it too slow so that they can't go uphill or you are too fast on flats. OSET uses an easy to adjust potentiometer to allow you to controll the power as your child gets better. It is simple enough to adjust that people often adjust them daily for different kids.
5. Small gas engines are often unreliable due to the super tiny jets that like to get clogged with the smallest piece of dirt. Have you ever been frustrated wrenching while your young rider watches instead of enjoying a ride? With a motor instead of an engine you reduce the number of potential failure points by an order of magnitude. OSETs have an amazing reliability record.
 But the best part of all is for your more advanced riders. They can ride just about anywhere without making anyone mad! Want to get some motos going in your backyard? Silent, electric power is the answer. Your neighbor won't even know it is happening much less complain.
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