Sparky Bikes
New Mexico's OSET Experts

What is Sparky?

As my daughter grew the 16" OSET became too small. We fixed this temporarily by fitting her bike with a stem with a larger rise and some bigger bars. As she got better it became apparent that she needed bigger wheels and more power. OSET was going to come to the rescue with the new 20" bike, but it wasn't here yet. In June 2012 the 20" was still months away and that darn kid wouldn't stop growing!
So, I did what any normal dirt bike dad would do. I dug out my tools and my credit card and went to work.
 I started with an old Gas Gas 50cc trials bike. I gutted out the engine and all its support bits. I built up a battery box from ABS to go where the engine used to be. I ordered up some batteries for remote control cars (lipos) a hub motor made for converting bicycles to electric, and a high power motor controller. Three months, lots of hours in the garage, several bloody knuckles, and lot more money than a 20" OSET would cost and Sparky was born.
She won the 2011 New Mexico State Championship in the Junior class on her OSET and then won 2012 in Beginner on the OSET and later Sparky. Sparky runs at 62V and 40 amps and weighs about 18 pounds less than the Gas Gas it had been.
My kid loves Sparky for now but her 20" Oset is on its way across the ocean and its specs beat Sparky in everyway. She says she will still want Sparky (what a sweet girl to be so nice to my feelings) but I suspect that Sparky will become the company mascott only very soon. I think I can live with that as she lets me use Sparky as a pit bike and I have even taken it for trail rides and had a lot of fun. It is amazing that a little kid bike can pull my big bulk around!
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